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In those first critical hours of a crisis, a company’s corporate reputation is measured by the quality of its response. But the real success is achieved in the preparation that occurs long before you put a crisis plan into action. Working side-by-side with your executive management and board, our senior team will develop strategies to help ready you to handle the toughest challenges and more importantly, maintain the trust of key constituencies once the firestorm has passed.

communicating-shortfalls-smBlunting the impact of missed earnings

A software company preemptively announces an earnings shortfall with a conference call followed by a cross-country road show.

crisis-communications-smRecovering from a disaster

A raging fire destroys a key corporate facility just prior to a $60 million acquisition to be funded by issuing stock. ››

surviving-bankruptcy-smSurviving a bankruptcy

A company’s subsidiary filed for Chapter 11 protection to resolve mounting lawsuits that were threatening overall corporate profitability.

asbestos-liability-smResolving corporate asbestos liability

No longer able to bear the cost of asbestos-related legal claims, an industrial manufacturer pre-negotiated a Chapter 11 plan, including creation of a 524(g) trust, with key members of the plaintiffs bar. ››

proxy-fight-smBattling for Board Seats

Company is faced with a dissident shareholder group—led by 5% holder—that is attempting to grab board seats at the annual meeting. ››

shareholder-activism-smShareholder Support for Acquisition

Client company decided to pursue a merger of equals that was met with resistance by a dissident group of activists. ››